Posted by: fortheloveofwine | March 16, 2008

Celebrity Wines

Mike Weir, Dan Akroyd, Bob Izumi, Wayne Gretzky

There are many opinions on celebrity wines.  Several people roll their eyes at the emergence of a new celebrity wine.  Perhaps they feel that having a celebrity endorse a wine takes away from the romance and sophistication of wine.  Personally, I feel that celebrity interest in the wine industry is an excellent thing.  It opens up the market to people who may not choose wine as their social drink of preference by associating something familiar, a sports star or actor, with delicious wine beverages.  If it gets more people drinking wine, it’s a good thing.  Some of these wines are really good. I recommend the Bob Izumi Red from Coyote’s Run. It has loads of blueberry and raspberry fruit character upfront with a very lively spicy black pepper finish.  And the best thing about this wine is that by purchasing a bottle you are supporting a fundraiser – the Fishing Forever Foundation.  You are saving the fish, one delicious drink at a time



  1. I had no idea that so many celebs had their own wines. I would have never thought that Bob Izumi would have his own wine in a million years. He seems so much of a man’s man, beer in one had, a steak in the other. That just goes to show how appearance isn’t everything.

  2. I’m not too sure what I think about these celebrity wines. I guess they don’t do much harm and if people like the taste they will buy it. But, do celebrities have to put their names on everything. It is getting ridiculous.

  3. I think that celebrity endorsements could be taken to the extreme, though.

    Who would want to drink a Carrot Top wine? Or a Paris Hilton one?

    It is good that celebrities are highlighting how yummy wine is, but I don’t really want to be drinking Dan Akyrod’s grape fluids.

  4. I just really dislike Akroyd’s label design.

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